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Macrium’s latest product significantly simplifies the deployment process for organizations, whether building thin clients, classroom computer labs, airport kiosks, or embedded controllers in a manufacturing or operational technology (OT) environment.

Scaling with your company is a meaningful part of SiteDeploy’s purpose and performance. Administrators can use enterprise features to build bare metal machines, perform roll outs, or simply reset a device.  Macrium’s reliable technology delivers hassle free configuration, networking, and golden image management for hands free deployment and best in industry Time to First Service (TTFS) and Time to Restored Service (TTRS). Macrium can ease the management of deployments for users by enabling real time status monitoring from the central console to provide a seamless experience for setup and resetting computers, servers, and terminals.

What is Macrium SiteDeploy®?

As you will have seen on the demo's, Macrium SiteDeploy® is a new product which integrates into our proven Macrium Site Manager Console, specifically designed to facilitate image deployment.

Summary of key features of Macrium SiteDeploy®

Macrium's Trusted & Rapid Imaging - it just works! Great for compliance cultures, trusted by governments, health & other security conscious verticals

Single Pane of Glass - Simple, intuitive SiteManager console

  • Real time dashboard, status and activity logging, giving you the confidence when deploying remotely
  • Start simultaneous deployments centrally (or at PC)
  • Efficient scalable process - Hands free deployment (once triggered) inc. sysprep support significantly reduces technicians time

Powerful Boot Media takes the pain away

  • Seamless connection; login/permissions aware
  • Built-in PXE Server auto updates the boot WIM. Also supports integration with your own PXE server eg. WDS
  • Powerful toolset works with UEFI and legacy BIOS devices, including both Gen1 and Gen2 Hyper-V virtual machines

Hardware Management

  • Automated ReDeploy to handle dissimilar hardware
  • Manual driver injection is also available, allowing users to automatically include chosen drivers in boot media

Manage GI's centrally (Auto import captured GIs; End users don't need direct access to GI store; Advanced tagging helps manage GI's at scale)

Optional tight integration with SiteManager backup (which enables auto-harvesting of drivers)

*Unlike unified endpoint managers, SiteDeploy leaves no trace behind, keeps things much simpler and for significantly better value


Getting started

Need more help?

You can search our Support Forum where you may find answers to questions not covered by our Knowledgebase.

How to provide feedback or report a bug?

Please complete any bugs or issues you find using this simple form, any information you provide to help us triage and replicate will be very much appreciated, any problems contact your Pre-Sales representative for more information

Download the latest build

You can download the latest build here:

For full release notes: Release Notes

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