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What is deployment?

Deployment is the act of taking an image of one computer, often called a golden image, and deploying this image to multiple endpoints. This is often done to rapidly configure machines (e.g. by system builders that rapidly configure computers before selling them), or reset computers back to a clean state. Deployment differs substantially from backing up and restoring. In a backup and restore scenario, backups are frequently performed and restored infrequently in the event of a disaster, often to the same computer where the backup was created. Deployment differs from this as golden images are created infrequently, and then deployed out frequently to multiple endpoints.

Macrium SiteDeploy

Macrium SiteDeploy® enables rapid golden image creation and deployment to multiple target computers. SiteDeploy® is delivered as part of our trusted Macrium Site Manager central management console, but both products can be used independently of the other. The Site Manager server is installed as a Windows service on a server computer and the Site Manager console can be accessed using a web browser user interface. Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

SiteDeploy® is used to create the deployment media, which can be launched on computers to create and deploy golden images. The deployment media contains a component called the PE Agent which communicates over an outgoing TCP/IP connection to the Site Manager Server (51515 by default). This enables easy access to centrally managed golden image stores from the PE Agent, and the ability to centrally initiate deployments using SiteDeploy®.

Requirements and Installation

Macrium SiteDeploy® can be installed on all 64-bit Windows operating systems Windows 7 and later.

We support creating golden images of any Windows operating system Windows XP Service Pack 3 and onwards, although, images can be created of any offline operating system.

Auto-injection of drivers in the restored operating system by Macrium ReDeploy is only supported by Windows operating systems, Windows Vista/Server 2008, and above.

Injection of Sysprep Answer Files into the deployed operating systems is supported by any Windows operating system that also supports running Sysprep.

A detailed installation guide of Macrium SiteDeploy® can be found here.

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