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Macrium Reflect v8.0 has been comprehensively overhauled to provide a better user experience, and we've added some great new functionality as well...

Resilient File System (ReFS) and exFAT support for Server and Server Plus Editions

We've added support for Windows Resilient File System (ReFS) and Extensible File Allocation Table (ExFAT) file systems for Intelligent sector copy, MIG and, in the case of ReFS, for CBT as well. 

For more information see here

Dark Theme

Macrium Reflect v8 includes optimized Light and Dark theme user interface options to enhance the user experience.  

For more information see here

Intra-Daily scheduled backups

Macrium Reflect v8.0 now includes Intra-Daily scheduling of backups for a minimum of 15 minute intervals between start times, providing near continuous backup protection.

For more information see here

Removable media Imaging and Cloning support

v8.0 includes support for imaging and cloning USB Flash drives. Flash drives can be imaged and cloned using the same functionality, and UI, as regular internal disk drives. USB Flash drives can be cloned to other USB flash drives or internal disks. Flash drives show in the Reflect main window alongside internal disks:

For more information see here

Automatic partiton resizing when restoring or cloning to different sized disks

We've improved the Restore and Clone functionality by adding automatic fill/shrink where the target disk is a different size to the source. The most common disk copy tasks are now automated and we've also added the ability to set free space before and after a copied partition to precisely locate and resize partitions on the target disk.  

For more information see here

New 'Existing Backups' view

We've renamed the 'Restore' tab in v7 to 'Existing Backups' and added extra functionality, including the ability to view backup files in their backup chain hierarchy, navigate to individual folders where backups are stored and edit the comment field in existing backups.  

For more information see here

Improved File and Folder backup wizard

We've improved the user interface for adding folders to your File and Folder backups by adding a tree selection for 'root' folders

For more information see here

Improved backup file name functionality

New run time parameters enable dynamic information to be included in backup file names at run time. 

For more information see here

New tbFAT driver for mounting File and Folder backups

In v8.0, F&F backups containing files larger than 4GB in size can now be mounted in Windows Explorer showing the original file size and contents. In earlier versions of Macrium Reflect, backed up files would be split into multiple 4GB chunks, and the only way to restore large files was by using the File Restore functionality in the main application. 
We've added a new driver to mount all F&F backup files. The maximum size of a contained file is now 3.9 TB rather than 4 GB.

Redesigned and Improved 'Log' view

The Log view page has been extensively redesigned in v8 to make locating logs much easier. We've also improved the performance when accessing and searching large quantities of logs, as may be necessary when running Intra-Daily backups

For more information see here

OAuth 2.0 email authentication for Gmail and Outlook 365

Macrium Reflect v8.0 includes OAuth 2.0 to authenticate Macrium Reflect to send emails using your Microsoft or Gmail account. It's easy to setup and uses your account sign in, including two factor if enabled, to securely authenticate. 

viBoot now includes Oracle VirtualBox support
v8.0 adds Oracle VirtualBox support for instant virtualization of Macrium Reflect Images. For customers without Windows operating systems capable of running Hyper-V, or those that require USB drive virtualization, VirtualBox provides a great solution to reduce Time To recover (TTR), or to test Image restore capability, 

For more information see here

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