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v8.0 includes support for imaging and cloning USB Flash drives. Flash drives can be imaged and cloned using the same functionality, and UI, as regular internal disk drives. USB Flash drives can be cloned to other USB flash drives or internal disks. Flash drives show in the Reflect main window alongside internal disks:

Note: Removable media does not support the creation of Microsoft Volume Shadow Copies. To successfully image and clone removable drives Macrium Reflect must first dismount the drive volume(s). This means that any open files currently accessing the volume(s)  on the flash drives being imaged or cloned will be invalidated. In most cases this won't cause any problems, Explorer will gracefully close, for example, however, please ensure that any applications that might try to write to the volumes during imaging or cloning are closed before proceeding. 

A warning message will be displayed when saving a new image or clone definition where currently mounted removable media is defined as a source.

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