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This VSS error is produced by a fault or corruption in the Windows Management Instrumentation repository.  The error can also be identified by the following VSS state value: Status: 9 (VSS_WS_FAILED_AT_FREEZE)


Solution - Reset the WMI repository
  1. Start the computer and press f8 on boot up and select 'Safe Mode without networking'.
  2. Start an elevated command prompt
  3. To make certain the WindowsManagementInstrumentation (WMI) service is not  running, type:

    net stop winmgmt

  4. In the start menu click 'computer' on the right hand side. Go to the 'windows\system32\WBEM\ folder' and rename the Repository folder to something else like 'OLDRepository'  (right click and choose 'Rename Folder').
  5. Reboot and restart as normal.
  6. Go to (Start > All Programs > Accessories) and select 'Command prompt' 
  7. To stop the wmi service, type:

    net stop winmgmt

  8. Type:

    winmgmt /resetRepository
  9. Restart the system.