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The Macrium Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) license provides an alternative usage based charging model, available to high volume service providers where the normal perpetual license model does not make sense. It is currently being piloted with a selected customers. If it is of interest to you, please contact us for more information.  

How it works

You are provided with a single key per edition. This can be installed on an unlimited number of machines hosted by you. You will pay a monthly charge based on the number of unique machines with the software installed that are active within the billing period.

The billing is automatically generated using data from a daily callback to our license server. You will need to ensure that the software has a network route to our server and provide us with an IP range (or ranges) that your machines will use to connect to our server.

Your monthy bill will include a report of usage broken down by machine. This will include the associated IP and MAC address of the interface used to contact the license server and also a user machine reference, if specified.

How to specify the user machine reference

This is configured during the install process and is purely for your convenience in interpreting your bill.

You can install in the usual way, just specifying your SPLA key. However, currently, you can only specify the user machine reference using the command line install method. Use the following, replacing the angle brackets with parameters relevant to you.

<installer>.exe /passive /l <log filename> LICKEY=<your spla key> LICOWNREF=<your machine reference>

Please read more about command line installs: Installing Macrium Reflect from the command line