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This FAQ covers some of the commonly encountered queries regarding transitioning from Macrium Reflect v7 to v8.

How do I download the v8 Installer if I've purchased an upgrade?

Enter your v8 key in the Macrium Reflect download manager. Your v8 key will begin with  76-, 77-, 78- or 79-.
If you got an existing v7 install then there's no need to download,  just take the 'Other Tasks' > 'Check for updates' menu option and follow the prompts.
Please see Installing a Macrium Reflect v7 to v8 Upgrade

What's the difference between the Home Edition and the Workstation Edition of Macrium Reflect v7?

These two editions are functionally identical. The Workstation Edition includes an annual support and maintenance product. This adds continual support and free major version updates for the duration of the subscription. Year 1 is included in the the Workstation Edition product price.

Can v8 read and restore images created with Macrium Reflect v6 or v7?

Yes, v8 is backwards compatible with all Images and File and Folder backups created with earlier versions of Macrium Reflect.

Will I need to recreate my v7 backup XML definition files?

No, your v7 backup definition files will be loaded into v8 without any conversion.

Can Version 8 be installed over v7? Will both v7 and v8 be on the hard drive? Should v7 be uninstalled first?

Versions 7 and 8 will not exist on your system at the same time. The version 8 installer will uninstall version 7, as part of the install process.

Will the old Rescue CDs still work?

Version 8 rescue media is compatible with version 7 images, however, we recommend that you update to the latest v8 rescue media after installation.. 

Why can't I change the install location?

For update installs, the facility to change install location is disabled as your scheduled tasks will fail as they reference the reflect program folder.
If you do wish to change the install location

  1. Remove any scheduled tasks.
  2. Uninstall Reflect.
  3. Install, note now you can change the install location.
  4. Setup your scheduled tasks.

After purchasing an upgrade, can I continue to use my v7 license on another computer?

The v8 upgrade is discounted on the basis that you are upgrading your license. Therefore you still are only licensed to use reflect on a single computer. Your v7 license key will be revoked as part of the upgrade process.