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Macrium Reflect is integrated with Windows Explorer giving you the following features:

Context-sensitive menus

Right-click on Reflect .mrimg and .mrbak files to Explore Image or Restore an image. 

You can then right-click on the disk to unmount the image

You can also image individual drives by selecting the drive, right-clicking, and selecting the Macrium Reflect option then Create a Macrium Image of this partition...

Windows Explorer columns

You can add columns in Windows Explorer to show the Backup Method and the comments stored with the backups.

Open a folder containing Macrium Reflect backup files, right-click on any Explorer column heading and select More...

Scroll and select Backup Comment and Backup Method

The columns are then added to the Explorer view:

.mrimg and .mrbak file properties

Right-click and select Properties to view the Macrium Reflect properties pane on image and backup files. This gives information about the file such as the backup method and time of backup as well as volumes or folders that have been backed up.

File Infotips

Hover the mouse over a Macrium image or backup file, you can get a brief summary of the file including the file type (Image or Backup), backup method, compression level, and if the file is password protected.

Extended support for Reflect XML definition files

You can run full, differential, and incremental backups by right-clicking on XML definition files. Select the Macrium Reflect option and then the backup type you wish to perform.