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Windows contains a Network Credentials cache that enables network authentication details (User name and password) to be saved and re-used to logon automatically. However, scheduled tasks are run in Windows 'batch mode' and do not have access to saved credentials. Because of this, you must enter network login details in the Macrium Reflect defaults to enable scheduled tasks to access and write to password-protected network shares.

AddAdd network logon details for a new network location

Edit an existing location.

Note: The 'Default' location logon details will be used for all shares that aren't explicitly added. 
DeleteRemove logon credentials
Enable Anonymous logon..If enabled, will also attempt a logon to all disconnected shares with user name "Anonymous", and no password. 
Use for older Linux based shares that allow anonymous authentication, otherwise leave disabled.

Add / Edit

\\Server\shareEnter the UNC path to the root of the network share. Do not enter any sub-folders in the path
UsernameEnter the authenticated user that has access to the share
PasswordEnter the user's password.

You can also select Default and click Edit to provide default credentials to be used for all network shares:


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