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Macrium Reflect Server Plus maintains a list of all Microsoft Exchange backup folders, these folders are queried in the Microsoft Exchange Restore view for storage groups/databases that can be restored.

Note: Macrium Reflect Server Plus can discover backups of Microsoft Exchange made on different servers by using the following steps but only detects backups made from the same version of Microsoft Exchange. When restoring databases from a different server you must restore databases to Microsoft Exchange recovery mechanisms before migrating mailboxes using Microsoft Exchange.
  1.  Select Folders To Search at the top of the Exchange tab.

    The Rebuild Exchange Backup Cache wizard displays.

  2. To add additional folders to the search by either:

    1. Typing a folder name into the edit box.

    2. Clicking the browse button.

    3. Selecting Add to list and browsing available folders.

  3. Select required folders and click Next.


  4. Review the folders to scan.

  5. Click Finish.

    Macrium Reflect scans the specified folders for Microsoft Exchange backups and lists those available for restore in Microsoft Exchange Restore.