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Applies to Server Edition Technician's License only.

Note: Technician's Portable Application USB sticks, Optical media and ISO image files expire when your license for Technician's product expires. You need to recreate your USB stick / ISO image file after this time.

The Macrium Reflect Technician's License allows a single user to image multiple PCs (as specified in the license). Macrium Reflect runs as a portable application from USB Rescue Media, mounted ISO image file or optical media. The media also acts as a bootable rescue environment, which you can use to back up and restore licensed PCs. Portable Mode Reflect is very similar to the Macrium Reflect environment you are familiar with.

Creating a technician's USB stick

  1. Take the 'Other Tasks' > 'Create Rescue Media...'  menu option.

  2. Select USB Device, CD/DVD Burner or ISO File as your target media.
  3. Check Create a Technician's Rescue Media.

  4. Click Build.

Launching Macrium Reflect from the USB or ISO image

  1. Insert the USB or Optical media file and you will be asked to choose what happens with it.
  2. Select Open folders to view files.
  3. In the root of the USB stick, select folder Win32 or Win64.

    The media contains both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Macrium Reflect. To launch the right one, a launcher is provided called portable.exe.

  4. Double click reflect.exe to launch Macrium Reflect.

Adding drivers to the portable PE environment

You can add drivers directly to the Windows PE rescue environment by booting into Windows PE and taking Restore > View Unsupported Devices.  For more information see Adding device driver software

Adding drivers in Windows 

Please note that this option is not accessible when booted in the PE environment and is only available in Windows.

The portable edition of Reflect offers the ability to copy any missing drivers from the current system. To do this:

  1. Select the Add Drivers to technician's rescue media option from the other tasks group on either the backup or restore tabs.