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In the Macrium Reflect Updater dialog take 'File' > 'Configure Check...'

Note: The same options in the Update Settings dialog below are available by taking 'Other Tasks' > 'Edit Defaults...' > 'Update' and 'Help' > 'Configure update check..' in the Macrium Reflect UI

This displays the Update Settings dialog...

Hourly background checksThe ReflectUI process will monitor for updates by checking every hour
Send email

If background check is enabled then an email is sent to the supplied email address when an update is found.

  • Only one email is sent for each update
  • SMTP server settings are the same settings setup in the Macrium Reflect defaults. This can be configured by clicking the 'Settings..' button,

Daily checks when Macrium Reflect GUI loadsA check is made once a day, when Macrium Reflect is started interactively.
Restart Macrium Reflect after patchingIf the Reflect Updater process was launched by taking the 'Other Tasks' > 'Check for updates..' menu in Reflect then setting this option will automatically launch Reflect when the patching completes.

If background checking is enabled then an update icon is shown in the Windows notification area  when an update is available. If enabled, the updater checks every hour.

Click 'Update Macrium Reflect' to launch the 'Macrium Reflect Updater' dialog.

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