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v7.2 adds a Warning and Cancelled completion results for Images and File and Folder backups. 

Warnings are generated for the following events:

  • VSS failure and fallback to VSS without writers
  • Bad sectors, if the default option is set to ignore them
  • Consolidation failure for any reason
  • Retention purge failure for any reason
  • File and Folder backup file copy failure 
  • Incomplete backup set when creating non-delta incremental Images or File backups. 

The Log tree now shows  Warnings and Cancelled backups...

And can be filtered...

Warnings are clearly displayed in the log...

And can be sent using email notifications...

Note: To ensure that existing backup email notifications don't miss warnings, if either a Success or Failure email notification is configured then the backup definition will be automatically upgraded to include Warning notifications

Cancelled backups can be excluded from Failure email notification.

Note: Existing backup definitions will be upgraded to include Cancelled backup so the behaviour is unchanged.

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