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  1. This section will take you through the creation of a VHD using the Windows Disk Management console and the mounting process.

    1. Open Windows Disk Management console.
    2. Click on Action followed by Create VHD
    3. Set your desired options and click OK to generate the VHD at the set location.
    4. Locate the VHD in Windows Explorer and mount it by right-clicking the icon and selecting the Mount option.
    5. Once Mounted, Macrium Reflect Create Backups tab and Disk Management console will now show the mounted VHD.


      If the VHD is not visible in Reflect after it has been mounted, please click thebutton.                                                                    

  2. This section will take you through the restore process of your image to the VHD.

    Before you begin:
     You must have a backup image of the disk ready to restore.

    1. On the main screen, select Existing Backups then select Image.

      Backup images available to be restored are shown in the main pane. 

    2. Select the image you wish to restore and the Restore icon.

    3. The next dialog gives you the opportunity to modify the destination properties.

      titleMoving and Resizing the restored partition
      By default, partitions restore to their original locations if you click Copy selected partitions. However, to drag partitions to different locations and resize them to use the available space. Simply drag the source partition to any available partition or free space on the target disk. You can also delete partitions on the target disk to make space. For more destination options and further information, see Modifying restored partition properties.

      Drag and drop the disk partitions from the Source image to the Destination VHD.

    4. Click Next to restore the image onto the VHD.

    5. A summary screen is displayed confirming the choices that have been made, click Finish.