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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space KNOW and version 8.0


  1. On the main screen, select Existing Backups.

    Backup images available to be restored are shown in the main pane.

  2. Select the image you wish to restore and click the Restore icon.

  3. The next dialog gives you the opportunity to modify the destination properties.

    titleMoving and Resizing the restored partition
    To restore partitions, select Copy Partitions, you can then select Exact partition offset and length to restore the partitions to the same location on the target disk, or select Shrink or extend to fill the target disk to resize the partitions automatically to fit the target. It's also possible to select a different target disk and to drag partitions to different locations, and resize them manually them to use the available space. Simply drag the source partition to any available partition or free space on the target disk. You can also delete partitions on the target disk to make space. For more destination options and further information, see Modifying restored partition properties.

  4. Click Next to restore back to the original location.


  5. If required, set Advanced Options as follows:

    Rapid Delta Restore:Copy only changed data blocks to complete the restore process more quickly
    See: Rapid Delta Restore - RDR 
    SSD Trim: Enable TRIM on restore to increase both the lifetime and the performance of the SSD. 
    See: SSD Trim Support 
    Verify Image:To verify the image integrity before restoring.
    Master Boot Record:To replace the Master Boot Record (MBR) with the MBR from the backup.
    The MBR is a small program that executes when the computer starts up. If this program becomes corrupt then you can have problems starting the computer operating system.

    Note: On modern GPT/UEFI systems this option has no effect.  
    ShutdownSet power saving options after a restore task has completed.

  6. A summary screen is displayed confirming the choices that have been made, click finish