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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space KNOW and version 8.0


  1. Open Macrium Reflect and select the Existing Backups tab, then select File and Folder.

  2. Select your backup, if none show select Browse for a backup file... and locate the file you want, it is added to the list of backups in the bottom half of the window. Image Removed

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  3. Click the Restore icon. 


  4. Select the files that to be restored. You may restore all the files as shown in this tutorial, or select individual directories and files you wish to restore. 


    Original LocationRestores the selected file and folders to the same location.
    New LocationChoose a destination root folder for the restored files and folders
    Parent folders to restore

    When restoring to a new location, this allows you to select which parent folders in the restore hierarchy are copied to the new location.

    Example for the above restore:

     - If all selected files to restore are in the same backup folder then this will copy the files directly to the new location. In this case 'D:\'

    If files are in multiple folders then the contents of the common parent folder is copied, including the folders containing the restored files.
    You can select any folder in the hierarchy,  restoring to D:\Downloads for example. 

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select where you would like the files restored to. By default, they are placed in the original location, but it is possible to restore them to a new location.

  7. Click Next.

  8. A summary window displays showing the details of the restore.

  9. Click Finish.