Log Retention

Backup logs in MultiSite will be deleted once they become older than a configurable amount of days.

The job to delete the logs runs at midnight (00:01, UTC).

Default Value - 336 days

If a Site is not upgraded to one of the most recent versions or it's configured to "Keep the logs forever" in Site Manager, the default value of 366 will be used.

Logs older than this value will be deleted automatically - at 00:01 UTC, every day.

Single Edit

Each row in the table has an Edit button to change the log retention rule for a Site - click on "Edit" to open the form.

There are two options:

  • Follow Site Manager

Whatever the value that has been set up in Site Manager in "System Settings / System > Log Retention" will be used to delete the logs.

The image below shows that MultiSite will follow Site 2's log retention rule and delete all the logs older than 4 days.

  • Override Site Manager

There is an option to override the value set up in Site Manager.

A value between 4 and 366 can be set up.

Multiple Edit

To edit multiple log retention rules for multiple Sites at the same time, select the ones to be edited and then click on "Edit Selected".

In the form, choose between "Follow Site Managers" or "Override Site Managers".

They work the same as the single edit but the rules will be applied to all the selected Sites.

If the value of the retention rule is modified to a lower value, be aware that the logs older than the new retention rule will be kept until the next job runs at midnight (00:01, UTC).