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Site Manager 8 Release Notes

8.1.7984 - 2024-04-15

- Update Agent backup engine with changes made for Macrium Reflect 8.1 version 8.1.7909. See here for details
- Renamed drivers table "Path" column to "Source"
- Harvested drivers show the driver name and Agent they were harvested from in drivers table
- Improved Computer CSV export information (Includes last connection time and last successful full image backup time)
- Site Manager will now automatically collect support data from connected recovery agents on Reflect failure
- Added *Other Tasks* -> *Connect to Site Manager...* option to Reflect in Recovery Environments to allow users to alter Site Manager connection settings during automated restores or from Reflect created Rescue Media
- The Driver Harvester tool now requires administrator elevation to ensure all expected drivers are collected

- Fixed harvested drivers not being removed when an Agent is dropped
- Fixed filtering and sorting of drivers page table
- Fixed issue causing Agent driver data to be sent on every connection
- Fixed agent required drivers not showing in the UI if multiple agents required the same driver
- Fixed low disk space notifications triggering for offline repositories
- Fixed rare crash in boot agent
- Fixed scheduled activity failed/red status marker showing for disabled remote syncs
- Fixed issue where file and folder backups were incorrectly listed as remote restore options
- Fixed remote restore and repository browser indefinite first load
- Fixed Site Manager page links for boot media status
- Fixed PE agent only checking device Compatible IDs and not Hardware IDs when loading drivers
- Fixed network share remote sync retry logic on network connection error
- Fixed recovery agent could load empty or incompatible overwrite configurations, breaking communication to Site Manager
- Fixed drivers database corruption and excessive thread usage when extremely large numbers of Agents connect
- Fixed issue where a failing remote restore could produce and orphan a restore config

8.1.7888 - 2024-02-22

- Custom Roles feature added (See Settings > User Management > Roles)
- Drivers Management feature added
- Introduced schedule backup active hours to restrict start times of delayed backups

- Update Agent backup engine with changes made for Macrium Reflect 8.1 version 8.1.7847. See here for details
- Enable offline activation of special 'always offline' license keys for air gapped networks
- Daily Export now provides additional information
- Restores can be configured to install the latest Agent software after restore
- Optimized active directory domain searching on Site Manager service start up
- Updated Active Directory logins to avoid LDAP for domains the Site Manager server is joined to, increasing performance in some cases
- Added toggles to disable (and subsequently delete) unwanted email configurations
- Improved performance of recovery agent driver loader
- Added support for FTP MS-DOS style responses in Remote Sync
- Changes to log purging settings are now actioned at midnight (local time) to prevent accidental deletions
- Machine domain must now be provided to configure a repository or golden image store
- Optimized Agent communications to Site Manager (rate limiting)
- Updated backup definition to optionally allow multiple definitions to backup to the same folder, sharing backup sets and retention rules

- Fixed recovery agent handle leak blocking CHKDSK drive reports
- Fixed TFTP server handle leak causing PXE media rebuild failures
- Fixed Remote Sync S3 (third-party store) timeouts on large bulk deletions of objects
- Fixed Remote Sync S3 (third-party store) retrying indefinitely on storage cap limit reached
- Fixed Remote Sync S3 temporary folder deletion when versioning is turned on
- Fixed recovery agent status showing 'Unrecognized Agent' during deployment
- Fixed rare crash when opening databases already open in third-party applications

8.1.7814 - 2024-01-05


  • Update Agent backup engine with changes made for Macrium Reflect 8.1 version 8.1.7784. See here for details
  • Improvements to Remote Sync S3 retry logic and logging
  • Add support for MAL subscription licensing
  • Add support for Agent computers with a standalone install of Macrium Reflect using a subscription license
  • Added progress dialog when boot media agent is connecting to Golden Image store
  • Improve stability of MultiSite connection
  • Improved verification support for golden images


  • Fixed issue where PXE server wouldn't recognise some client requests
  • Fixed issue where download to CSV button was generating an empty CSV file
  • Fixed SiteDeploy license information text not collapsing
  • Fixed backup failure when attempting to back up a removable CompactFlash card with Windows installed on it
  • Fixed issue where Deployments would fail on multi-boot disks due to ReDeploy failing
  • Fixed false positive failure notifications for backups that take over an hour
  • Fixed recovery media's deployment dialog not opening when there was no golden images present
  • Fixed crash if Site Manager start up failed
  • Fixed navigation menu display issues when using the latest versions of Chrome
  • Fixed Wake on LAN to broadcast through all network interfaces on the server

8.1.7695 - 2023-10-16


  • Security Update - updated to libcurl version 8.4.0 (to fix libcurl CVE-2023-38545)
  • Security Update - updated image mounting driver to fix CVE-2023-43896
    • NOTE: Due to tightened security access, any image on a share on the same computer as the Site Manager server will require access by the local SYSTEM account to be browsed.
  • Update Agent backup engine with changes made for Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.1.7675. See here for details
  • Support submissions now include the deployment logs DB
  • Improved boot media agent support submission folder structure


  • Deployments could incorrectly skip the ReDeploy process
  • Fixed boot media agent support submission files persisting across exports
  • Remote Sync activity widget UI displayed upload progress during pre-upload processes

8.1.7660 - 2023-09-27


  • Update Agent backup engine with changes made for Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.1.7638. See here for details
  • The boot media agent will now show a message when disks have been found if there were none visible on startup
  • Improved performance when handling large numbers of progress updates from Agents


  • Fixed Reflect starting in Restore Only mode in some Rescue Media builds. Affected users should rebuild rescue media after upgrade
  • Site Manager configuration import could redirect the user to an invalid URL
  • Backup and Restore trial activation was producing a notification specific to SiteDeploy trial activation
  • The 'Agent is not connected' modal failed to navigate to the Agent config tool when clicked
  • Corrected sorting by Status on the Computers page

8.1.7639 - 2023-09-04


  • Fixed PXE media build failing
  • Fixed agent local scripts not appearing in Site Manager

8.1.7633 - 2023-08-29


  • Improved SiteDeploy licenses summary navigation menu UI
  • Optimised active directory login for users with local administrator rules
  • Improved logging for Agent updates


  • Fixed active directory computer description search
  • Fixed crash during Macrium Image Guardian popup

8.1.7613 - 2023-08-14


  • Update Agent backup engine with changes made for Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.1.7544. See here for details
  • Update Backblaze pre-configured regions


  • Some Active Directory users failed to login due to handling of special characters in Distinguished Names during LDAP queries
  • Updated time zone database to fix changes to Mexican daylight savings time
  • Subscription license keys supplied the wrong description
  • Command line interface for Site Manager and Agent fixes
  • Minor Agent and Recovery Agent UI fixes
  • Minor fixes to licenses page UI

8.1.7570 - 2023-07-10


  • Improved Remote Sync (S3) timeout logic during finalization stage


  • Fixed Remote Sync (FTP) issue where configurations containing folders with white space would fail to sync
  • Fixed degraded upload speed performance for Remote Sync (FTP, FTPS and SFTP)
  • Fixed potential for delays and a crash in the support submission process
  • Fixed repository browser listing and description issues
  • Fixed mounted image content downloads
  • Fixed potential UI crash in verification page when verifying golden images
  • Fixed recovery agent restore activation when triggered from the repository browser
  • Fixed deployment media out of date notification
  • Fixed rare crash caused by device defined invalid data
  • Fixed crash for servers with no associated domain

8.1.7551 - 2023-06-14


  • SiteDeploy has been added to Site Manager, see Macrium Website for details
  • A trial of SiteDeploy may be started by visiting the Licenses -> SiteDeploy page


  • Added repository information to computer details panel on computers page

    • Number of backups and backup sets
    • Dates of oldest and most recent backups
    • Total size of all backup files
    • Percentage of total storage and used storage taken up by backups from this computer
  • Added Rescue Media information to computer details panel on computers page

    • Type of Rescue Media required
    • Number of drivers harvested with pop-up to show detailed list
  • Added Boot Media Agent to Rescue Media

    • Connects automatically to Site Manager
    • Communications are encrypted with AES-256 with bidirectional authentication
    • Gathers hardware information and identifies known Agents
    • Computers booted into the Recovery Environment are now shown in the Remote Restore page
    • Allows restores to be started from within the Site Manager UI
    • Administrator and Restore Operator users can login to allow quick access to repositories from the Recovery Environment
    • Shows hardware and allows the manual loading of drivers
  • Added power management options

    • Automatically shutdown/reboot/suspend computers after scheduled backups
    • Optionally shutdown/reboot/suspend computers as part of a Run Now backup
  • Remote Syncs can now be set to "per folder upload" mode.

    • Each folder will be committed to the server once upload has completed rather than waiting until all folders have been uploaded
    • This improves behaviour on network disconnection in that the sync will only rollback to the last folder checkpoint
    • Less temporary space may be used on the remote end of the sync as each folder will release temporary space when it commits
    • This should be used only if there is no requirement for backups from multiple computers to be kept at strictly in sync with each other
  • Added ability to show tags for computer in the Run Now dialog as an optional column

  • Add ability to start a Run Now backup from the computers page

  • Added permissions check for remote syncs upon saving sync settings and starting a remote sync

  • Added an option to enable secondary domain enumeration

  • Added an option to enable cross domain searching on a per provider basis

  • Local and domain admins will be able to log into Site Manager, only if access rules have not been set up or upon first startup of Site Manager, if added this access rule will need removing manually if you no longer require it

  • Added an option to make remote syncs upload each folder in a repository separately

  • Added screen resolution and dark mode theme selection to Agent in Recovery/Deployment Media

  • Added IP addresses and subnets as optional columns in the Deployment Targets / Remote Restore computers page

  • Added event log events for when a computer is rebooted or has VSS restarted via the computers page


  • Update Agent backup engine with changes made for Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.1.7469. See here for details

  • The menu structure for Site Manager has been overhauled

    • The Site Configuration section has been renamed to "Backup"
    • Scheduled Activity has been renamed to Active Backups
    • A Deployment section has been added for SiteDeploy
    • The Licenses page has been split into Backups and SiteDeploy sections
  • Updates to login system

    • Searching for multiple domains in the local forest can now be disabled in the Settings -> Security page
    • Cross-domain searching is now disabled by default and can be enabled on a per-domain provider basis
    • The default admin login rule for the local and connected domain login providers is now shown the the roles configuration page and may be deleted
  • Updated defaults for CPU priority in line with Reflect 8.1 changes

    • As the speed improvements to Reflect may cause higher CPU use, all definitions have been changed to use lower priority by default
    • The original priorities can be restored automatically by setting a registry key. Contact Macrium support if this is needed
  • First run wizard is now more guided and offers the option to activate trials

  • Trials of backups and SiteDeploy now do not activate automatically and can be manually activated from the licenses page

  • The restore wizard and computers page now use Reflect-style disk views

  • Overhauled rule selection page on Backup Definition wizard to be clearer and easier to use

  • Updated repositories, schedules, logs and verification pages to bring them in line with other UI pages

  • Improved installer error messages when starting or stopping services

  • Restarting Site Manager will now automatically reload / redirect as needed

  • Last backup information in the computers page now shows if it was a Full, Differential or Incremental backup

  • Changing system / security settings will now only trigger a Site Manager restart when necessary

  • When running a backup via the Run Now option on the Active Backups page, retention rules can be optionally applied

  • Computers will now show when they are booted into the recovery environment in the computers page

  • Added ability to click through more things in the dashboard page

  • Remote Syncs can be toggled on and off in the Active Backups page

  • Remote sync wll now perform additional checks that the remote end has sufficient permissions

  • Driver harvester standalone exe is now included in rescue media and can copy drivers back onto rescue media for immediate use

  • Updated region pre-sets for Remote Sync S3 (Wasabi)

  • Increased timeout period for Remote Sync S3

  • Rescue media page will now show how many drivers of different types have been injected into each Rescue Media

  • Show the backup error as an optional column in the logs page

  • Improved the UI idle time setting in Settings -> Security to allow for a toggle to deactivate


  • Fixed a newly connecting agent not showing any backups already in progress in the Site Manager UI
  • Fixed bug where 'Repository Uncontactable' notifications would be sent by email even when not set
  • Fixed FTP retry and timeout issues in Remote Sync
  • Fixed Remote Sync file renames not working in xlight FTP server
  • Remote Sync errors due to repositories becoming unavailable are now reported more clearly
  • Fixed the daily export repo changes report having some inaccuracies
  • Fixed the Site Manager launcher not working under Windows Server 2022
  • Fixed plain text connection and auto authentication mode not working for email under some circumstances
  • Fixed variable replacement in emails incorrectly expanding all backup levels to "Full"
  • Fixed newer private key files not working for HTTPS certificates
  • Fixed emails always sending all data from the last 7 days in the first email sent after reboot
  • Fixed computers that have never connection being tagged as "64-bit"
  • Fixed XP clients failing backup if some automatically created folders don't exist
  • Fixed emails showing SQL log backups as differential
  • Fixed dynamic disks being shown as MBR
  • Fixed large numbers of tags not wrapping in the computer details row expansion
  • Fixed copy schedule failing if a password was configured in the source schedule
  • Fixed inconsistent time formats being used in backup summary emails
  • Fixed failed Rescue Media builds appearing as successful in the Event Log
  • Fixed lockup on schedules page when accidentally creating a schedule trigger which repeats every 0 days
  • Fixed "Repository Uncontactable" emails being sent even when disabled in email settings
  • Fixed issue with agent passphrases with spaces in being corrupted on upgrade
  • Fixed display issue in forecast when Run Now Remote Syncs are cancelled
  • Fixed changes to Agent disks not appearing in the computers page until the browser is refreshed
  • Fixed bug where some log lines could be dropped from the details panel of a running backup. Full logs were not affected
  • Fixed failed SiteDeploy Golden Image imports showing in the event log but not the Golden Images page
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to restore an image file from the root folder of a repository failed
  • Fixed Repository Uncontactable Windows event log events showing an incorrect '%1' message
  • Fixed Remote Sync activity not showing in the Forecast widget if there are no scheduled backups
  • Fixed problems connection to FTPS servers using TLS 1.3 during Remote Sync
  • Fixed a bug where two error messages would display in the notification widget if a backup is attempted on a system already running a backup
  • Fixed a bug where the "Exclude Removable Disks" Backup Definition rule could accidentally force some non-removable disks to be included in a backup when they should not be
  • Fixed deletion of a Golden Image or Backup file failing on a MIG protected volume on a remote system due to MIG-enabled delete requesting more permissions than needed
  • Numerous minor UI bug fixes and changes

8.1.7449 SiteDeploy Only - 2023-04-03


  • New SiteDeploy functionality for deployment to bare metal computers
  • See Macrium Website for more details
  • Golden image management
  • PXE deployment media
  • Sysprep answer file injection

8.0.7327 - 2023-01-24


  • Fixed empty Schedule and Definition pages causing an error in the browser

8.0.7314 - 2023-01-20


  • Update Agent backup engine to Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.0.7175. See here for details
  • Added a support option to limit Active Directory group searches to a limited subset of a domain for users with specific requirements.


  • Fixed incorrect event logging for Rescue Media build failures
  • Fixed unusual backup failure when verifying image files as part of backup
  • Fixed bug where restore would sometimes fail to reboot into the Rescue Environment as part of a Remote Restore
  • Fixed drive letters not being detected correctly for partitions on Dynamic Disks
  • Fixed backup summary email inconsistent time formatting
  • Fixed license key user name changes on Macrium licensing servers not correctly being detected

8.0.7121 - 2022-11-08


  • Update Agent backup engine to Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.0.7097. See here for details
  • Remote sync source reads use shared access instead of exclusive access to reduces conflicts with other software


  • Fixed incorrect database indexing causing slow service startup with over 200 Agents
  • Fixed log files not syncing back to Site Manager in some circumstances
  • Fixed Retry button on Repositories page not working correctly

8.0.6949 - 2022-08-26


  • Fixed broken date selection on Schedules page when creating or editing triggers

8.0.6929 - 2022-08-19


  • Improved error handling for transient database errors generating notification emails
  • Fixed Agent crash when processing pre-version 6 Reflect logs
  • Fixed backups started from the local Agent creating no logs if a stealth intra-daily backup was the last Site Manager triggered backup
  • Fixed issue where the backups can fail on non-English systems which do not have internet connectivity
  • Improved error handling for unusual behaviour by a repository during remote sync
  • Improved remote sync for FTP, file removal now treats 'file not found' as success
  • Fixed UI crash when leaving a date range filter open on the Events page then changing page

8.0.6906 - 2022-08-01


  • Fixed missing Clone icon on Logs page.
  • Fixed desktop icon not working on non-elevated accounts under Windows Server 2022
  • Fixed Emails not sending when set to Plain Text mode
  • Fixed Email automatic authentication being unset on upgrade
  • Fixed some email failures logging as successes in the Event Log
  • Fixed email notifications not showing backup level or type correctly
  • Fixed HTTPS key and certificate validation not accepting all valid key and certificate types
  • Fixed issue with email send failing on some SMTP servers due to automatic authentication picking the wrong method
  • Fixed FTP remote syncs encountering problems when the upload of the first block of the file fails due to network connectivity

8.0.6898 - 2022-07-25


  • Added role-based login system
    • Users and Groups on a domain or local machine can be assigned roles which limit their access to Site Manager
    • Five fixed roles are available: Standard User (View only), Backup Operator, Restore Operator, Backup Manager, Server Manager
  • Added viBoot to Site Manager server installer - For more information, see the viBoot KnowledgeBase
  • Added power saving options to the run now backup wizard and scheduled backup wizard
  • Added Macrium Image Guardian information to repositories and added the ability to toggle MIG status
  • Added changed file sizes and counts for the last 24 hours/7 days to Repository status
  • Added CBT driver status to computer's details
  • Added 'reboot computer' maintenance action
  • Added computer tags for locally scheduled backups
  • Added an assortment of command line actions to both the agent and server
    • Debug and support options
    • Agent connection check
    • Agent driver gathering
    • Site Manager Server first time install options
    • Site Manager Server upgrade
    • Site Manager Server data export
  • Added a new driver harvester application to harvest drivers from computers with no agent installed
  • Added a standalone installer for Macrium Image Guardian
  • Backup log files will now be removed from Agent computers based on the Site Manager log retention setting
  • Added automatic deletion of backup logs on Agent computers according to the Site Manager server log retention setting
  • Agents connecting to Site Manager for the first time can now be automatically added to the computers table
  • Computers added using an IP address now cache that IP address for remote install


  • Update Agent backup engine to Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.0.6867. See here for details
  • Improved performance of Remote Sync
  • Existing FTP connect and response timeout values are now user configurable
  • The Rescue USB Builder now has a GUI interface as well as the command line interface
  • Additional event logs have been added for MIG status toggling and deleting backups from repositories
  • Remote sync logs are now created on a per sync basis
  • Improved the computers page table sorting and filtering
  • Improved the remote sync dashboard widget output
  • Improved remote install with further 'best effort' additions
  • Improved remote sync/S3 retry logic
  • Optimised Network share, FTP and S3 remote sync upload speeds
  • Additional remote sync config and summary logging
  • Improved settings saving to check for incorrect/impossible situations before save
  • Improved logs page layout and filtering
  • Improved handling of Repository connection failures during backup


  • Fixed poor Agent performance with large numbers of backup logs
  • Fixed rare remote sync (FTP) crash
  • Fixed issue where multiple Remote Syncs in parallel could cause deadlock and lock up the user interface
  • Fixed bug where scheduled backups appeared unsorted
  • Fixed bug where a tooltip was hidden by the logs page
  • Fixed bug where sorting by activity was not working
  • Fixed bug where the domain would not be disabled when the username field included the domain
  • Improved CPU performance when creating rescue media
  • Fixed and improved an assortment of event logs
  • Fixed bug where AgentsActivity.log could be corrupted
  • Fixed bug that prevented existing remote sync configurations from being edited
  • Fixed poor performance in populating the repository with large numbers of files
  • Fixed some cases of Agents incorrectly reporting reboot required due to CBT being uninstalled
  • Fixed unusual comms failure if the target computer has a name that is a strict substring of the Site Manager server (e.g. SERVER vs. SERVER-SM)
  • Fixed the Agent service preventing ejection of a USB drive with a bitlocker locked partition
  • Fixed rare crash in Site Manager server when processing a VSS log over 4MB in size
  • Fixed AWS Storage Gateway Repository wizard issues with incorrectly revalidating credentials when being edited

8.0.6503 - 2022-01-12


  • Added Windows Server 2022 version to Computers page display.
  • Added support for proxy servers to MultiSite connection (HTTP/S with CONNECT or SOCKS)


  • Update Agent backup engine to Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.0.6392. See here for details
  • Improved the MultiSite Remote View connection to be faster and more reliable
  • Added TCP keepalives to Agent connections to improve behaviour when connecting via NAT routing or firewall
  • Added re-evaluation of any Agent user scripts before connection and on hardware/IP change to facilitate VPN detection


  • Fixed extensive startup delays for clients with 50+ inaccessible domain providers.
  • Fixed crash dump cleanup code not removing some old crash dumps
  • Fixed unusual crash on startup when Windows takes over 10 seconds to bind a listen socket during Windows startup
  • Fixed bug causing multiple event log events when an Agent with an active backup disconnects
  • Fixed MultiSite Remote View of the licenses page not working

8.0.6305 - 2021-11-01


  • Added "Reset VSS" feature to Computers page under the Tools tab for each computer. This can be used to restart and repair VSS on the remote computer.


  • Update Agent backup engine to Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.0.6161. See here for details
  • Add additional support logging
  • Renamed options in Add Computers wizard so that two entries no longer have the same title


  • Fixed error preventing the computers page from loading due to control characters embedded in backup failure messages
  • Fixed the Repository browser and restore pages encountering issues with backups made on systems with non-capitalized NetBIOS names
  • Fixed issue with the scheduler calendar displaying incorrect times for unusual weekly triggers where intervals were greater than 1 and the first backup happened in the week after the start date.
  • Fixed some MultiSite connectivity issues

8.0.6078 - 2021-08-09


  • Update Agent backup engine to Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.0.6036. See here for details
  • Updated installer to not wait for service startup to prevent rollback on timeout
  • Improved performance getting log details with MultiSite
  • Improved performance with large numbers of Agents (Over 300)


  • Updated Remote Sync to take deletions into account when checking for appropriate disk space on the target
  • Fixed deferred backup jobs running for computers that have never connected since the Site Manager service started up
  • Fixed MultiSite API key changing when Network MAC addresses change too frequently - this was due to overly-eager hardware change detection
  • Toggling scheduled backups on and off should no longer have long UI delays
  • Fixed repeated passphrase change messages in the Event Log

8.0.6013 - 2021-07-05


  • Allow extra time for Agent Reflect to launch on slower systems
  • Add extra logging for Windows time and time zone changes
  • Detect Agents running on Windows 11 and update Windows Version tags to include Windows 11


  • Removed spurious event log entries for failed configuration file loading when a file does not exist
  • Fixed Copy Path function in Rescue Media page causing a JavaScript error
  • Fixed default credentials not being used for Agent installs
  • Fixed Remote Install working with default login credentials
  • Fixed showing the user's display name in the top bar

8.0.5995 - 2021-06-22


  • Update Agent backup engine to Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.0.5994. See here for details
  • Split logging for Active Directory, Driver and Agent events into separate files
  • Added a Password Confirmation dialog in the Settings > Email page when attempting to send test emails
  • Improved Active Directory query performance on Agents
  • Updated Azure repository configuration credentials page to match non-Azure repositories


  • Fixed emails not including backup log attachments or event name in the subject
  • Fixed repository browser from preventing file deletion under limited circumstances
  • Fixed intra-daily backup success notification settings resetting to follow backup success notifications on service restart
  • Fixed slow shutdown caused by service shutdown while a repository scan was in progress
  • Fixed Agent taking a long time to shut down when huge numbers of backup logs are present on the Agent

8.0.5973 - 2021-06-10


  • Fixed install failure on platforms which have never had a version 7 Site Manager Agent installed and which don't support SHA2 driver hashing
  • Fixed Kerberos domain trusts causing a crash/hang in Site Manager server startup
  • Fixed adding Metered license keys giving incorrect error message about upgrading
  • Fixed the Scheduled Activity page always showing 'Active' button for Backup Definitions with no computers
  • Fixed creating Backup Definitions without encryption producing a password length error
  • Fixed the Agent not running on some systems on startup

8.0.5965 - 2021-06-07


  • Update Agent backup engine to Macrium Reflect 8 version 8.0.5963. See here for details
  • Added extra code to delete write-test files on Repositories
  • Added additional information to errors in the UI caused by JavaScript
  • Changed intra-daily forecast to show intra-daily frequency as hours and minutes instead of just minutes
  • Improved Scheduled Activity computer results table to show icons for all result types
  • Added an option to use Repository credentials in the Restore wizard rather than pre-filling the credential fields
  • Added an Revert button to the password field when editing the password in the Repository wizard
  • Updated password fields to clear on click and use a fixed length of password characters to reduce any possible information leakage
  • Updated Backup Definitions wizard to produce an error if the AES encryption type is changed to a type which requires a longer password
  • Site Manager browser logout is now temporarily disabled during support log generation (ctrl-shift-s)


  • Fixed Site Manager not allowing login via Microsoft accounts ([email protected] etc)
  • Fixed backups being stuck in the running state in Scheduled Activity view if Site Manager is restarted during backup
  • Fixed daily email not considering backups with warnings as successful when generating list of computers without backups
  • Fixed weekly triggers using an interval other than 1 from displaying the incorrect dates in the Schedules page in some cases
  • Fixed the Scheduled Activity page always showing backup definitions with no computers as disabled regardless of slider selection
  • Minor layout fixes on Licenses page
  • Fixed Agent generating a warning that all backup sets have been deleted when using a 'Keep 1' retention rule and running the purge before backup
  • Fixed the Computers page showing an 'Unlicensed' warning on computers using Virtual Machine Server Agent licenses
  • Fix unusual crash if a background cleanup task triggers, runs and completes within 1 second of midnight
  • Fix an Agent crashing on service shutdown if a log file changes during shutdown
  • Fix missing ReflectTheme.dll in MIG component installation

8.0.5934 - 2021-05-26


  • Update Agent backup engine to Macrium Reflect 8 and CBT release level (8.0.5928). See here for details
  • Show clock and time zone information on the Site Manager header
    • All times shown in the UI should now be in the Site Manager server's time zone, not browser time zone.
  • Intra-daily backups available in Schedules page
    • Intra-daily stealth mode (backup logs are not produced for successful intra-daily backups, a daily table of results is available in the Logs page instead)
    • Additional notification options for intra-daily backups
  • New computers page
    • User-creatable tags
    • Automatic tagging for Agents with problems, Active directory information and backup definition membership
    • Sorting and grouping by tags
    • New detailed information for each computer
    • Backup by tag option in Backup Definitions
  • Update wizard for adding new computers
    • Full Active Directory browsing to locate new computers
  • Added Universal Rescue Media (a single rescue media with multiple PE versions to allow for a single USB which can restore any computer)
  • Added USB creation tool to Rescue Media page - this allows a USB boot device to be created from an ISO image without third-party software
  • Added option to Remote Sync repositories to S3 compatible stores, including Amazon, Wasabi, Backblaze and any other manually configured S3 compatible server
  • Added daily data export option to export CSV data from computers, licenses, backups, repositories (content and space usage) for audit and third-party integration purposes
  • Dashboard updated to make status tiles clickable
  • Added option to not show backup start/end notifications on Agents for scheduled backups
  • Added option to use Wake-on-LAN in Run Now backups
  • Added discovery and configuration of Domains in the same forest as the server's domain as login providers


  • Added code to detect SHA2 driver hash capability
    • Computers which cannot support SHA2 driver hashing will not have the CBT driver installed. If installed from an older Agent install, it will be removed on upgrade
    • The Site Manager server now required SHA2 driver hashing. Installing or upgrading a Site Manager server install will fail on these platforms
    • Microsoft hotfixes are available for platforms with these issues (Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2)
  • More compact forecast display
  • Computers page shows more detail on backups in progress
  • Support upload (ctrl-shift-s) now allows download of support information in the browser
  • Support upload (ctrl-shift-s) can now collect data from Agents directly
  • Passphrase protected private keys can now be used for HTTPS certificates in the Site Manager server
  • Changed Site Manager XML file names to look better in Backup Logs
  • Updated repository connection code to show repository connection errors directly in Backup Logs
  • Site Manager now sends IP addresses of Repositories on backup so that Agents which can't DNS resolve Repository names can use the IPs
  • Added MAC and IP address columns to Computers page (hidden by default)
  • Added Backup Comment column to Repository browsing, verification and remote restore pages
  • Update columns in computers CSV export


  • Fixed case where an IP address change was not synced to the Site Manager server from an Agent with multiple NICs
  • Improve handling if a repository goes offline during a remote sync
  • Repository browser now lists all computers with backup image files, even if they have since been removed from Site Manager
  • Remote Syncs that end with a warning now show correct yellow status and icons in notifications
  • Remote Sync in the dashboard progress widget will now say which Repository is syncing
  • Site Manager UI can show timestamps in a mix of Site Manager server time zone and Web Browser time zone - all times are now in the server's time zone

Older Releases

For release notes for version 7.3 and earlier, see the Archived Release Notes

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