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As of v8.0.5945, the UI Font typeface and point size in Macrium Reflect v8.0 is identical to Macrium Reflect v5, v6, & v7.x, with the exception of the disk layout view where the font in v8.0 is 0.5 of a point larger than previous versions when displayed on high resolution monitors.  All Reflect editions and versions use the standard Windows font and point size as used in Windows Explorer.  'Segoe UI' 8.0 point. 

If the typeface is perceived as too small then the Windows 10 setting 'Make Everything Bigger' should be used to make all native Windows application properly scaled.

Press the Windows Key and 'U' at the same time, and if necessary, scroll down to see 'Make everything bigger'

Use the dropdown to select a different scaling factor.  

For systems with multiple monitors the scale can be changed for each monitor.

Note:  The  'Make text bigger on your screen', in the same dialog, is not designed for native (win32) apps, and should not be used to resize the fonts in Macrium Reflect, or any native application.  Native (win32) applications do not use a 'fluid' layout, and require all controls, (buttons, checkboxes etc.) to grow/shrink and move with text size and pitch changes.  'Make Everything Bigger' is designed for this outcome. 

Comparison between Macrium Reflect v7.3 and v8.0

Example v8

Example v7

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