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This article covers the changes to the Windows 10 Notification Center with the 1709 Fall Creators Update of Windows 10. 

There is no API for the notification Center configuration, it's 100% managed by the OS and user interaction. This is completely understandable. If a user turns off or re-configures notifications for a particular app then this shouldn't be overridable by the app itself.

Prior to the 1709 Fall Creators update, the Windows 10 'Notification & actions' settings dialog would show duplicate and redundant application icons in the 'Get notification from these senders' list of apps. Apps could hang around for weeks after uninstalling and this led to usability issues and confusion. This problem wasn't limited to Macrium Reflect, it was a generic design issue and was widely reported.

The Windows 10 Fall Creators update has attempted to rectify this problem by restricting the apps that appear in the list, but has perhaps gone a bit far. It appears that the list now only shows apps that are running AND currently have an icon visible in the Notification area of the task bar. As soon as the icon is hidden it's removed from the list.

In addition, it appears the the default behaviour is now to retain toast notifications in the Actions Center. This was previously set to 'Off' but now has to be manually turned 'Off' if not desired.

To show the 'Notifications & actions' dialog

Press the 'Windows Key' + 'A' to show the Actions Center

When a backup is running, right click on the Macrium Reflect notification and select 'Go to notification settings'

Alternatively you can show the 'Notifications & actions' dialog using the Windows search bar. 

Type 'Notifications' in the Windows search bar:

To change the settings for Macrium Reflect

Left click the Macrium Reflect entry:

If necessary deselect 'Show notifications in action center' 

Please note that there are two apps that notify Reflect backups, identifiable by different icons: 

Inertactive Backups

Scheduled Backups

Note: It isn't necessary to show a Macrium Reflect notification icon when a backup isn't running so this means that Notifications can only be configured when a backup is running.

We are looking at ways to change this, however, It is likely that the Windows Notifications & actions behaviour will change in a future Windows update.

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