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When booting Macrium Reflect Windows RE rescue media, you may see the error below:

If the Windows Recovery partiton is out of step with the Windows host OS, and 'Add Wifi Support' has been set in the rescue media build, then netsh.exe may fail to load. Normally, the Windows RE build in the recovery partiton matches the Windows host build, and every Windows update should synchronize the two when necessary. There could be a problem if the recovery partiton is restored to a point in time prior to the last Windows update. 

WiFi support copies Windows modules from the host OS and they may be incompatible if the Windows RE kernel is different to the host OS kernel

If WiFi support isn't required, uncheck the 'Add WiFi Support' and rebuild.

If WiFi support is required, then you may need to roll back the last Windows update and re-apply:

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