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This article explains the possible cause for the failure: ERROR: "Selected writer 'Dhcp Jet Writer' is in failed state!" shown in the VSS log when creating a disk image with Macrium Reflect.

If you see the following text in the log:

ERROR: Selected writer 'Dhcp Jet Writer' is in failed state!
   - Status: 9 (VSS_WS_FAILED_AT_FREEZE)
   - Writer Failure code: 0x800423f3 (<Unknown error code>)
   - Writer ID: {be9ac81e-3619-421f-920f-4c6fea9e93ad}
   - Instance ID: {4a56a2b1-5a64-43b5-9f80-7c6970326482}

Then it's likely your DHCP service has a stale state and needs to be restarted.

To view the VSS log for a backup, click the Logs tab, select the log that you would like to view, and select the View icon. The log will then open in a new tab. If the log has a VSS log, this will be shown in another tab next to it.

Start the service manager and restart the DHCP Server service. To start the Service Manager, click 'Start', type 'Services' and press Enter.