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We regularly release software updates, which can be accessed through binary patches and complete installer packages automatically downloaded within the Macrium Reflect application. This guide provides detailed information on the URLs and the naming conventions for these files. This is designed to help in configuring Internet security systems and firewalls for optimal protection and accessibility.

Note:  All downloadable executables are digitally signed. Please see Confirming that Macrium download is genuine

Patch and Installer File Names

We release binary patches to update the last 3 released versions of Macrium Reflect. The format of a patch filename is:


e.g,  patch8.1.7771-8.1.7895x6420.exe

from-majorCurrently installed major release number. The current major release is v8
from-minorCurrently installed  minor release number. The current minor release number is 1
from-buildCurrently installed  build number. Each release has an incrementing build number, where higher numbers are more recent.
to-majorPatch target major release number.
to-minorPatch target minor release number.
to-buildPatch target  build number
architecturex86 or x64 (32 or 64 bit) installation of Macrium Reflect

The installed edition of Macrium Reflect

15 - Home / Workstation
20 - Server
25 - Server Plus

The full patch URL is of the format:<major>/v<major>.<minor>.<build>/<patch-file-name>


If the installed release is more than 3 patch releases out of date, or if there is a new minor or major build, then a full installer executable is downloaded instead of a patch file:<major>/v<major>.<minor>.<build>/<editon>_setup_<architecture>.exe 


Tags different from the patch file name:

editionCurrently installed Macrium Reflect edition:


Note: The initial web server call to determine the patch, or installer, URL, is made to:<major>/patch.asp

Internet Address

We distribute automatic update patches and installers using our Content Delivery Network (CDM) partner, DigitalOcean. The URL format is:<major>/v<major>.<minor>.<build>/<patch-file-name>


File MD5 hashes

We publish MD5 digest hashes for the downloaded files here:<major>/v<major>.<minor>.<build>/filelist.txt


Release notes

The latest release notes can be obtained using the following URL:<major>/latest_release_notes.asp 


Specific Release notes can be accessed using the following URL:



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