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We've become aware that Norton Security will attempt to open Macrium Reflect backup files with Write access when scanning. 

This causes Macrium Image Guardian to block the access and notify the user of the action. 

It isn't necessary for Anti-Virus software to scan your backup files. The backup file format is propitiatory so will be opaque to malicious software, cannot execute code, is fully protected by internal hashes and can be protected by Macrium Image Guardian.

To prevent this activity it's recommended that you exclude your backup folders from Norton Security virus scans and auto-protect.

  1. Open Norton Security 

  2. Click 'Settings'

  3. Click 'Antivirus'

  4.  Click 'Scans and Risks' then click 'Configure' for 'Items to Exclude from Scans'

  5. Click 'Add Folders' to add your Macrium Reflect backup folders

  6. Repeat for 'Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect...'

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