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If you see message 'Index load failed'   repeated in the backup log then it's likely that another process has an exclusive lock on the file. 

Some anti-virus/security software can attempt to scan Image files once created.  Unfortunately they tend to create an exclusive lock on the file and can cause problems when auto verifying images directly after completion. Disabling anti-virus can sometimes be very difficult and even though the appropriate steps to disable have been taken it still may be running. 

Finding the process name can be difficult but fortunately there is a tool built into Windows that can identify it for you. 

Note: The following steps are only relevant to Images saved to local disks. 

  1. Launch 'resmon.exe' using the 'Start' menu

  2. Click the 'CPU' tab and expand 'Associated Handles'

  3. Start your Image in Reflect and once the data is being copied click 'Pause'

  4. Open the backup target folder in Windows Explorer.

    Sort by 'Date modified' to float the image being created to the top.

    Don't worry that the file shows '0' bytes in size. If you're using direct disk I/O then the size isn't populated until the file is closed. 
  5. Select and copy the file name without the .tmp extension and paste into Resource Monitor.

    The .tmp extension is used while the backup is being created but the file is renamed, by dropping .tmp, for verification

    Note that the .tmp file is found and reflectbin.exe is shown as the process with the open file handle. Resource monitor is smart enough to show files beginning with the file name. 
  6.  'Un-Pause' the backup and wait until the verification starts at the end

  7. Click the 'Refresh' button in Resource Monitor during Image verification. 

If there is any process other than ReflectBin.exe that has opened the file then the process name will help identify the cause of the problem. 
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