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The Macrium Reflect Windows PE rescue media is not machine specific, however, there are two issues that could possibly arise:

  1. Hardware differences between Machine A and B.
    While the rescue media creation process will take into account drivers required for hardware on Machine A, the addition, or loading, of drivers for hardware on Machine B would have to be a manual process if required.

    If drivers are needed on Machine B to access local fixed disks (e.g.: RAID configuration), USB3 hardware or Ethernet based resources (e.g.: NAS or other file server) then these drivers will need to be loaded manually once the rescue media has booted into the WinPE environment.

  2. Booting differences between Machine A and B.
    If Machine A is a UEFI booting system then in all likelihood the rescue media will have been created as UEFI and will not boot if Machine B is an MBR booting system and vice versa.