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Macrium Reflect is set up to be intuitive and easy to use with default settings that meet the needs of most people, see Macrium Reflect default settings. These default settings can be modified to meet your needs, and you can access advanced settings specifically for Microsoft Exchange backups.

  1. Click Edit Defaults from Macrium Reflect toolbar.

  2. Select Advanced in the top toolbar of the Macrium Reflect defaults dialog. 

  3. Select Advanced Microsoft Exchange Options in the left hand list.

  • The option Prune transaction logs on successful backup removes all transaction logs for storage groups/databases that are included in the backup process. Checking this option frees up space on the volumes where the transaction logs reside.

    Not using this option allows transaction logs to be removed by other, established, in-house mechanisms.

  • The option Exclude log files prior to checkpoint generation from the backup, only includes transaction log files falling after the current checkpoint generation. Reducing the number of transaction logs included in a backup.

    Not using this option backups all transaction logs for the storage groups/databases.

  • The option Verify database files before the backup process forces Macrium Reflect Server Plus to verify the database, checkpoint and transaction log files for page integrity.

    Use of this option impacts backup time, especially if you have large database files.

6. Click OK to save any changes made to the backup options for Microsoft Exchange.