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For an example of a generated MS_DOS batch file please see: Example MS-DOS Batch File

To generate a MS-DOS batch file select the 'XML Definition Files' tab on the main window then right click on a file and select 'Generate an MS-DOS Batch File'.


This open the MS-DOS Batch Generation Options dialog:

Batch File Output

 Generated code...
@echo off
REM ******************************************************************************
REM * Module Name:   FDI.bat
REM * Abstract:      This is a template MSDOS batch file generated by Reflect v5.0
REM *                Modify to add your own functionality if required
REM ******************************************************************************
"C:\Program Files\Macrium\Reflect\reflect.exe" -e -w  -full "C:\Users\Dev\Documents\Reflect\FDI.xml"
if ERRORLEVEL 3 goto busy
if ERRORLEVEL 2 goto validation_error 
if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto backup_error
if ERRORLEVEL 0 goto ok
REM Will never get here if '-w' switch is used
echo A backup or restore operation is in progress
goto again
REM User cancelling a backup or any other error 
echo A Backup error has occured
goto end
REM Command line or XML syntax errors
echo A validation error has occured
goto end
echo ok!
goto end
DirectoryThe folder where the batch source file is saved
File nameThe name of the batch source file. This defaults to the XML file name with a .bat extension
Backup typeChoose from Full, Differential or Incremental.


Click 'OK' to generate an MS-DOS batch file