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  1. HRESULT - This is a windows function error code.
  2. Error text - This is descriptive error text provided by VSS.
  3. Result code - This is the VSS result code.
Retrieving this information varies between Version 4 & 5. The differences are displayed below.

Version 5/6



Version 4

To get the extended VSS information, you need to run the backup from a VBScript file.
Right-click on your XML definition and select Generate VBScript. Accept the defaults and run the VBScript source.
To run VBScript, click the VBScript tab, right click on the file and select Execute. Once run, a detailed log file will be created in the same directory as the VBScript source. The log file name will be log-<date>-<time>.txt.
Open the log file with notepad or similar and search for the following text: 
ERROR: COM call "m_pVssObject->BackupComplete(&pAsync)" failed.
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If you have not been able to fix your issue using one of the articles linked above please download one of the below programs to fix your problem:
VSSfix 32bit - download
VSSfix 64bit - download