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Site Manager 8 Release Notes

8.1.7984 - 2024-04-15

- Update Agent backup engine with changes made for Macrium Reflect 8.1 version 8.1.7909. See here for details
- Renamed drivers table "Path" column to "Source"
- Harvested drivers show the driver name and Agent they were harvested from in drivers table
- Improved Computer CSV export information (Includes last connection time and last successful full image backup time)
- Site Manager will now automatically collect support data from connected recovery agents on Reflect failure
- Added *Other Tasks* -> *Connect to Site Manager...* option to Reflect in Recovery Environments to allow users to alter Site Manager connection settings during automated restores or from Reflect created Rescue Media
- The Driver Harvester tool now requires administrator elevation to ensure all expected drivers are collected

- Fixed harvested drivers not being removed when an Agent is dropped
- Fixed filtering and sorting of drivers page table
- Fixed issue causing Agent driver data to be sent on every connection
- Fixed agent required drivers not showing in the UI if multiple agents required the same driver
- Fixed low disk space notifications triggering for offline repositories
- Fixed rare crash in boot agent
- Fixed scheduled activity failed/red status marker showing for disabled remote syncs
- Fixed issue where file and folder backups were incorrectly listed as remote restore options
- Fixed remote restore and repository browser indefinite first load
- Fixed Site Manager page links for boot media status
- Fixed PE agent only checking device Compatible IDs and not Hardware IDs when loading drivers
- Fixed network share remote sync retry logic on network connection error
- Fixed recovery agent could load empty or incompatible overwrite configurations, breaking communication to Site Manager
- Fixed drivers database corruption and excessive thread usage when extremely large numbers of Agents connect
- Fixed issue where a failing remote restore could produce and orphan a restore config

8.1.7888 - 2024-02-22

- Custom Roles feature added (See Settings > User Management > Roles)
- Drivers Management feature added
- Introduced schedule backup active hours to restrict start times of delayed backups