Macrium MultiSite is the first web product hosted by Macrium Software.

As a web product the only real requirements are a modern web browser. This means you can view MultiSite on your home computer, work computer, laptop and eventually your mobile phone*!

Supported Browsers

Our key aim is to support the latest modern web browsers.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

These are sometimes referred as evergreen browsers since they automatically keep themselves up-to-date.

We endeavour to support the latest versions of these browsers at all times. If you encounter any bugs it is important you check that your browser is up-to-date before contacting us.

*We currently only support the desktop versions of these browsers. Whilst the mobile versions should work the application is not currently optimised for mobile browsers. This is something we are actively looking to change in a future update, so stay tuned!

Internet Explorer

What's that I hear? You're on a corporate network and you can only use Internet Explorer?

As most versions of IE have long since fallen out of active support along with their respective Operating Systems, we do not support IE. Attempting to view Macrium MultiSite in these browsers will result in a page telling you how to download a better web browser.

Opera & other lesser-used browsers

As Opera uses the same core engine as Google Chrome it should work but Opera is not considered a supported browser as the market usage share is so small that we don't want to commit resources to testing and fixing weird bugs specific to Opera.

Other browsers

The only officially supported browsers are those documented above. We don't test against other browsers. Some may work and if so that's great! But if they don't work we are not able to provide help or bug fixes that specifically target non-supported browsers.

Macrium Site Manager

As Macrium MultiSite was released after Site Manager you will need to ensure you are using a compatible version. This is currently version 7.2.4276 or higher.

The version of Site Manager may affect which MultiSite features are available and it is advisable that you keep Site Manager up-to-date (This is a good security practice anyway!).

For specific hardware & software requirements for Site Manager you should check the Site Manager knowledgebase for the latest information.