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The 'Verification' page under the 'Other Tasks' menu allows image files that have been backed up to any of the repositories to be checked to ensure file integrity and detect any data errors that may have occurred in storage.

Select 'Add Files' to open the 'File Verification' wizard. On the first page, an agent computer can be selected:

The 'Select Files' page of the wizard will then display backups of the selected computer. Select the backup file(s) that will be verified, multiple backups can be selected. If multiple backup files are selected, the verification will start for one of the backups, the other backups will be queued and verification will start when the in-progress verification has completed.

The progress of the verification can be viewed at the bottom of the 'Verification' page:

The result of the backup verification is displayed in the 'Status' column next to each backup:

If the status is 'This file has been successfully verified', then the data is exactly the same as the data that was read from the source computer. If the verification fails, this article can help in troubleshooting the error further.

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