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All remote backup logs are stored centrally for review. To access the logs, follow these steps:

Viewing Backup Logs

Click 'View Logs' under 'Other Tasks' on the main console view.

The log view can be sorted by clicking the column headings in the log list.

The columns can also be filtered by either pressing the 'Open Filters' button or selecting the 'Filter' in the column's dropdown menu.

The 'Date' column can be filtered by logs either before, on, or after a given date. Other columns can be filtered by matching computer names or have a selection of types to include in the list.

Filters can be reset using the 'Close Filters' button at the top of the page.

To view a log, click on the row in the table and the log will be loaded into the right-hand side of the screen. There is also an expansion button in the top right of the log view for maximizing the log. If the log is from a Site Manager scheduled backup, there will be links to the appropriate definition, schedule, and repository at the top of the log:

Note that these links may not be present if the definition, schedule, or repository has been deleted from Site Manager since the backup occurred.

Intra-Daily Backups

When scheduled backups are taken with an Intra-daily schedule which has the 'Intra-daily Stealth' option set, normal logs are not created except in cases of backup error or warning. Instead, each computer has an intra-daily log for the day, with the backup times and results for that day. Each computer and backup definition pair will be in a separate daily log.

Exporting Backup Logs

Backup log information may be exported in CSV format in order to help with analysis and auditing tools. Clicking the 'Download to CSV' button will download a CSV file in the browser containing the information from the log list. This data can be imported into any tool that can work with CSV data, such as Excel.

Individual backup logs can be either downloaded or printed using the 'Download' and 'Print' buttons.

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