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Configuring the Site Manager to perform centrally scheduled backups can be done by following the Site Configuration section of the menu on the left hand side of the user interface as shown below:

 The sections are:

  1. Computers - This section allows you to add client computers to the Site Manager, remotely install the Site Manager agent and monitor communication status between agents and Site Manager.
  2. Definitions - This section is used to create Backup Definitions - a set of template based rules which allow you to quickly define backups for multiple computers simultaneously. A Backup Definition can also be run directly from this page, creating a single point in time backup
  3. Schedules - This section is used to create Schedules - a set of rules which determine frequency of backups (daily, monthly etc), which type of backup is created (full, differential, incremental) and what backup retention rules apply.
  4. Repositories - Repositories are storage locations for backups 

Once these sections have been configured, backups can be run by using the Scheduled Activity page.

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