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Manual Restore Options

A restore within Macrium Site Manager performs a simple restore of data in the image file with few advanced options. This is good for performing a quick restore, but if more complex restore operations are required, the image files created by Macrium Site Manager can be viewed and restored by either a standalone installation of Macrium Reflect or by the Macrium Agent itself. 

Opening images in this way allows the following:

  • Restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Restore by rescue media
  • Browsing image files for file-level access
  • Creating VHD files or VMs

See Macrium Reflect - Restoring and Browsing Images for more details.

Finding Images in a Repository

The repository folder structure is automatically created as needed. It follows this pattern:

<Repository root path>\<Computer name>\<Definition ID>\ImageFile.mrimg

Where Computer Name  is the NetBIOS name of a computer in Site Manager and Definition ID is an ID number corresponding to a Backup Definition. Inside that folder are image files. All image files created for a computer using a backup definition go in the same folder, even if they were performed with a different schedule or using a Run Now backup.

To translate the backup definition ID into a backup definition name, the Site Manager creates an information file in the top level of the repository. This file is called Macrium Repository Information.txt 

Macrium Repository - v1
This file lists folder names associated with Backup Definitions - Centrally scheduled backups are stored in <NETBIOS>\<BACKUP DEFINITION ID> folders.
{A7D12C32-10DD-48D1-BE06-EF0E9412480A} - Sales Team
{96D60D41-B0D9-4FF4-B562-BBF11F4290F8} - Support Team
{8A25D491-5DE7-41AE-9E91-AEDD51304A42} - Server Backups
{8CABEE54-267F-481D-BD18-55ECA7E1E80F} - this office
{8E6FB6D3-F8B7-432E-BBBC-1D188702D23A} - Servers

This lists all backup definition IDs and links them to the name of backup definitions. The reason this is done is so that changing a backup definition name doesn't cause the repository layout to change or a backup set to break because it's stored in a different folder

If a backup definition has been deleted, it will be removed from the information file but the folders and image files will remain in the repository. If you find a backup definition ID without a name in the information file, this is most likely a deleted definition

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