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After installing Macrium Reflect v7 and rebooting some customers have experienced a problem starting Windows. This error is caused by the Macrium Changed Block Tracker (CBT) driver 'Mrcbt.sys' missing from the installation folder 'C:\Windows\System32\drivers' folder. 

Please note that issue is isolated and has been resolved in builds 7.0.2055 and later.  

Update: 13th March 2017:

We have now identified the cause of this problem. Unfortunately a 'Pending Delete on Restart' operation for the 'Mrcbt.sys' file was left in one of the Windows 'Last Known Good Configurations' after an uninstall or reinstall of Macrium Reflect v7. Some Windows 10 and Server 2016 Windows installations honour this delete after a cold restart (Power Off then On), even though the current configuration did not have this action.
This did not affect all Windows 10 or Server 2016 installations and is only a problem on a small number installs.

We have modified the v7.0.2055 installer to correct this problem, however, earlier downloads of v7.0.2055 may still have the issue. If you are running v7.0.2055, and this was installed prior to 13th March then please re-download using the Reflect Download Manager and run a 'Repair Install' when prompted by the installer.

Note: If you have shutdown and restarted your PC safely then there is no problem and no need to perform the Repair Install mentioned above.

If you are running version 7 of Macrium Reflect prior to v7.0.2055 then you can update to the latest release by taking 'Other Tasks' > 'Check for updates' and this will install v7.0.2055 without any problems.

If you currently have a problem booting Windows because of this issue
then please follow the steps below.


To resolve this issue:

  1. Using a different PC, download the Mrcbt.sys driver file appropriate for your system architecture:



  2. Copy the file to an external USB or flash drive
  3. Start your PC with the Macrium Reflect Windows PE rescue media, either by taking the boot menu, using a recovery DVD or USB stick. 

    Once  started locate the drive containing 'Mrcbt.sys' and copy it to 'c:\windows\system32\drivers' using Windows  PE Explorer. 

  4. PE Explorer can be started by clicking the 3rd icon on the PE task bar:
  5. Navigate to the file on your external/flash drive, right click and select 'Copy':
  6. Navigate to 'C:\Windows\System32\Drivers', right click and select 'Paste'
  7. Restart the PC: