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This article covers many possible issues with Macrium Reflect and should be your first port of call as a troubleshooting guide.

"I've received an error or warning message during a backup or clone"

Error and warning messages can occur during backup or clone. Depending on the message, you may find your resolution below:

"My restored system will not boot"

If you are unable to boot your restored system, please ensure you have run Fix Windows Boot Problems and ReDeploy as appropriate. You may find the following articles useful:

"My rescue media will not boot"

If your rescue media will not boot, then please see the following articles:

"My rescue media can't see my disks, the network or USB hardware"

If your rescue media cannot see devices you need to perform your backup or restore, then you may need to add drivers. Please note: it is only essential to add drivers that you need; you do not need to source drivers for a missing device unless you wish to use it.

The following knowledgebase articles cover rescue media:

"I have received an error or warning message creating rescue media"

We don't have anything covering this either.

"I cannot update/updates are very slow"

We need something on this.

"I am experiencing issues installing/uninstalling Reflect or using the download agent"

Depending on the nature of your issue, the one or more of the following may help with your issue:

"I am experiencing issues exploring images"

If you cannot explore or detach images, please see the article on diagnosing image exploring issues.

"I've received a dump file, blue screen or my system has restarted without warning"

You have received a dump file if during the use of Reflect you see a message box informing you a dump file has been created. A blue screen occurs when the system has become too unstable to safely continue running. Dump files are rare and blue screens are rarer still. 
If you receive either of these, please submit a support ticket with the dump file attached. Please include as much information about your environment as possible.

I'd like to find out about a technical or licensing aspect of using backup software"
You can find out various licensing explanations from our website. You may be looking for:

  1. Advice on choosing a Macrium Reflect product.
  2. Macrium Reflect's Feature List and Feature Comparison Chart.
  3. Our support policy.
  4. An explanation of the technician's license.
  5. An explanation of the deployment license or deployment license volume pricing.

My issue isn't on this list.
We're really sorry to hear that. Please let us know by raising 
Please post your issue to the Macrium Support Forums. Members of our community may be able to assist you quickly. Alternatively, please submit a support ticket.