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Macrium Reflect v7 uses the Windows Task Scheduler v2.0 API to handle scheduled backups. When upgrading from Macrium Reflect v6.x existing tasks are converted to Task Scheduler 2.0 from Task Scheduler 1.0.  Unfortunately in the initial release of v7 there was a problem with this upgrade process that left tasks with an incorrect backup run time. The tasks were saved with a UTC time rather than local time.  

To correct this problem, build v7.0.2023 and later includes a Task upgrade dialog that's presented when Macrium Reflect starts allowing review, edit, deletion and acceptance of existing scheduled tasks.

Note: As it isn't possible to detect whether incorrect trigger times were manually corrected, it wasn't possible to automatically correct scheduled tasks time. We therefore decided that a review and acceptance of existing tasks was the safest approach.

On first run you will be presented with the following dialog showing the number of scheduled tasks to review:

Click 'OK' to continue:

Selecting a task in the list enables the 'Delete' and 'Edit' buttons

Review each task and check that the time and schedule is as expected. If not then press 'Edit'  to change the task or 'Delete' to remove the task.  

DeleteRemove the selected task
EditChange the selected task
Selected TaskThe Selected Task is flagged as correct and remove from the list. The dialog will close if no further tasks are shown.
All TasksAll listed tasks are flagged as correct, the dialog will close and will not be shown again

The dialog will close and will be shown again the next time Macrium Reflect starts.

Note: All Changes made by editing tasks will be discarded. 
Note: If 'Cancel' is pressed then these tasks can also be edited in the Reflect user interface. This will have the same affect as the 'Accept' button and the task will be considered to be correct and excluded from any further prompts



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