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This article addresses the issue of Load Image Errors in the v5 Restore Tab.

What are image load errors when in the Restore Tab ?

This issue is linked to the general Macrium Reflect restore feature 'Folders To Search...'. With Macrium Reflect v5, it is possible to create a list of folders to be searched for image and backup files. This option can be seen at the top of the Image Restore and File & Folder Restore tabs.

A folder in the list of 'Folders To Search...' can become no longer accessible either through a) deletion, b) corruption, c) network share loss or d) WinPE drive letter reassignment.

This can lead to the link 'View Load Errors' being shown on the view.

How do I resolve this issue ?

To resolve this issue while in your normal Windows operating system, perform either of the following:

  • Remove the folder that is generating the error(s) from the 'Folders to Search...' link.
  • Ensure the folder exists, please be sure to check the spelling of the folder name paying attention to any possible leading or trailing spaces.
  • If the folder is on a network share please ensure that Macrium Reflect can access that share by checking network connectivity and that your user has the privileges to access that network share and folder (try accessing the folder using Windows Explorer).
  • If you receive a 'File is Corrupt:' error then the image file cannot be accessed because it is severely damaged. In this case there is no option other than to delete the file using Windows Explorer as the contents cannot be read.

While in WinPE, the same guidelines as above apply but there is another caveat to keep in mind. WinPE may assign drive letters to disk volumes in a different order than normal Windows, e.g.: drive letter C may have become drive letter D while in WinPE. To overcome this issue you can add an additional folder to search but simply use a different drive letter.