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Macrium Reflect uses the standard Windows Task Scheduler to schedule all backups. This article shows you how to check the status of your most recently run scheduled tasks.

Viewing Scheduled Tasks in Macrium Reflect

Click the 'Backup' > 'Scheduled Backups' tab in Macrium Reflect:

The 'Last Run Time' and 'Last Result' columns show information about the last run from the Windows Task Scheduler:


0x00The last run completed without errors
0x01An error occurred during the backup or the backup was canceled. See the backup log for more information
0x02The XML definition file had errors or could not be loaded

A conflict has occurred. Caused by scheduling scheduling different backup types for the same XML file at the same time.

This is a normal and expected error code that occurs when scheduled backups overlap. For example, when scheduling a Full backup on the first Monday of each month and scheduling a Differential for every Monday, on the first Monday a Full and Differential are both scheduled to run at the same time. In this scenario, the Full backup will run and the Differential will fail with the '0x06 - Conflict' error code.


Full backups take precedence over Differentials and Incrementals

Differential Backups take precedence over Incrementals.

0x80070569The scheduled task has an incorrect password
0x80041310The scheduled task user account cannot be found
0x0004131CThe user account doesn't have the 'Batch logon' privilege required to run scheduled tasks. See here.
0x8004130CThe Task Scheduler service is not installed on this computer.
0x80041315The Task Scheduler service is not running
0x80041326The task is disabled
0x00041301The task is currently running
0x8004130DThe task could not be opened
0x80041323The Task Scheduler service is too busy to handle your request.
0x8007052eLog on failure: unknown user name or bad password. See here.
0x103The Windows task scheduler has terminated. This status can occur if your PC is manually rebooted or shut down before the backup has finished. It can also occur if the option to shutdown the PC at the end of a backup has been selected.


Viewing task history in the Windows Task Scheduler user interface.

Enable History

If necessary, enable the Windows Task Scheduler History by clicking 'Enable All Tasks History' in the Actions pannel:

  1. Open the Windows task Scheduler
  2. Click 'Task Scheduler Library'
  3. Select the Macrium backup task to view
  4. Click the 'History' tab: