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Using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Macrium Reflect creates persistent images of your system.

  1. Select Image selected disks on this computer.

  2. The wizard starts. All partitions are displayed, select the required drives or partitions.  


  3. In the Destination section, select where to write the resultant image.

    In this example, 'E drive' is used.

  4. Click Next.

  5. If desired, edit the plan for the backup by making necessary selections. 

    For more information on editing the backup plan and advanced options see Scheduling backups.

  6. Click Next.
  7. A summary screen displays detailing the settings used for this image. 

  8. Click Finish.
    You are now given the opportunity to save the backup options.

  9. If you want to run the backup at this point, click OK.

    Your system partitions are backed up to the chosen location.

  10. When the image has completed, click Close to shut down the message box.

  11. Click Close to close the backup window.

Macrium Reflect creates the backup. 

See also: Windows Partitions