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It is a common query, on purchasing a new computer, can I use Macrium Reflect to move my installed software to a new machine?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move applications from one installation of windows to another. When you install a program, not only are application files copied to your computer, typically the registry is updated and library binaries, services and drivers are often also installed on your OS too. These latter items may be specific to the version of windows you are running. This makes it impossible to separate the installed applications from the OS into which they are installed.

You have two options:

1) Restore the image of your old system on your new hardware (running ReDeploy, if required, to get your system booting on the new hardware). Your new hardware will then be running the OS from your old system. You will have access to all your installed software, but your OS may now bean older version than the one installed as shipped.

2) Install Macrium Reflect on your new system, and mount (explore) the backup of your old system, copying any documents and files as required. All applications required will need reinstalling on your new machine.