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Boot issue with IBM Lenovo laptops


After restoring a Reflect image your IBM Lenovo laptop will not boot.

Some older IBM/Lenovo notebooks use a system called 'IBM PreDesktop' to handle system recovery. This essentially uses the BIOS to 'fake' the drive geometry of the boot disk by reporting incorrect Cylinder/Head/Sector (CHS) values. This leaves part of the disk 'invisible' to Windows and is where the recovery partition is hidden. The OEM MBR supplied with PC requires the faked drive geometry values in the partition table in order to operate.


If you restore an image to the same disk attached to another PC or to an external drive then the disk will have a different (correct) drive geometry reported and the restored image will fail to boot in the original PC. This is because the restore process correctly updates the MBR partition table to correspond with the drive geometry on the restored disk.

To restore a IBM/Lenovo PC that uses PreDesktop you must have the boot disk attached to the primary disk controller of the same PC that created the image.