PC and Windows

In order to run Macrium Reflect, you must have a system that has the following minimum system requirements:



To use the rescue media, you will need either a CD/DVD writing drive or USB pen drive.

Supported File Systems

Imaging clusters in use and changed clusters (intelligent copy) is supported by FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and Ext 2,3,4 file systems.  All other file systems and unformatted partitions will be imaged on a sector by sector basis, i.e, every sector in the partition will be copied.

Incremental and Differential images have no file system dependencies. You can even create Incremental and Differential images of unformatted partitions.


Rapid Delta restore (RDR) and Rapid Delta Clone (RDC) is supported by NTFS file systems only.  All other file systems will cause a Full restore or clone.