Using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Macrium Reflect creates 'point-in-time' persistent images of your system. In Addition to creating backups of all partitions required to backup and restore Windows, you can backup all or selected drives and partitions on the PC.


Starting the Image Wizard

The Image Wizard can be started in multiple ways...

  1. By selecting 'Image selected disks on this computer'.
    Using this option will populate the Image Wizard with all selected disks and partitions in the application main Window.

  2. By selecting 'Create an image of the partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows'.
    Using this option will choose all the partitions required to boot Windows. This may include hidden system partitions that are essential for Windows to start and run.
    See: Windows Partitions

  3. By Selecting a disk in the application main Window and click 'Image this disk...'.

  4. By Selecting a disk in the application main Window, click on a partition, then click 'Actions' and select 'Image this partition only...'

Setting the Image destination

The first page of the Image Wizard shows the selected disks and partitions to be included in your Image and allows you to choose a destination.

  1. In the Destination section, enter the target backup folder.
    You can type the destination path or click the browse button to choose a folder.  The destination path can be on a local drive or network share.

    Alternative Locations can be used to provide backup rotations or as a fail safe for temporary unavailability of the primary backup destination.

    Note: You cannot enter a path that is located in any of the partitions included in the Image.

    The recommended name for your Image file is the unique backup set identifier {{ImageID}}. We recommend that you always use this recommended setting as choosing your own name can cause file name collisions. Please see How backup sets are created and maintained for more information on backup file naming.


Click 'Next'. to edit the Backup Plan for this image or click 'Finish' to save and/or run the Image now.

Adding and Editing the Backup Plan

The second page of the Image Wizard is where you create or edit your 'Backup Plan'. This defines the backup schedules and retention rules for your backup.

Click 'Next'. to view a summary of all settings for this image or click 'Finish' to save and/or run the Image now.

Displaying the Image settings

The final page of the Image Wizard displays all settings used for creating this image. 

Click Finish to Run and/or save your Image definition.

Saving the backup definition

You are now given the opportunity to save the backup options.

If you want to run the backup at this point, select 'Run this backup now' and click OK.


Create a Disk Image video