The latest release notes for Macrium Reflect v7 can be found here:

For additional information on upgrading v6 to v7 please see Installing a Macrium Reflect v6 to v7 Upgrade

This article explains how to install Macrium Reflect on an Internet connected PC using the Macrium Reflect download agent. 

For a description on installing to an offline  (non Internet connected) PC please see here

Downloading Macrium Reflect Installer and PE Components

  1.  Macrium Reflect Download Manager and run it
  2. If you have purchased Macrium Reflect then Click 'Full Software' and enter a valid license key to automatically download your purchased product.


    To download a 30 day trial Click 'Trial Software' and select the Macrium Reflect Edition from the dropdown list to the right.

  3. Enter the folder where the downloads will be saved to or Click '...' to select a folder.  

  4. Click 'Run installer directly after downloading' to run the installation package as soon as the download completes successfully. 
    Note: If you intend to install on another computer then leave this item unchecked.

  5. Click Options to select different download options (see Modifying the default selections):

  6. Click Download to start downloading your installation files.

Modifying the default selections

By default, the most appropriate installation for your PC will be selected for download.  This is based on operating system, architecture, and existing rescue media components.   For more options Click 'Options' on the main download agent window as seen at step 5 above:

Select download options and architecture. 


Reflect Installer and PE Components

Downloads both the Macrium Reflect installer and the default Windows PE component files for currently running Windows OS:

PEWindows Version
PE 3.1Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008R2
PE 10All other Windows versions.
Reflect Installer Only

Downloads the Macrium Reflect installer for the chosen trial or entered license key.

This option will be defaulted if you have already downloaded the default Windows PE component .zip file and it is located in the download folder.

PE 3 (WAIK)Downloads the Windows PE 3.1 components to file or
PE 4 (WADK)Downloads the Windows PE 4 components to file or
PE 5 (WADK)Downloads the Windows PE 5 components to file or 
PE 10 (WADK)Downloads the Windows PE 10 components to file or 

For more information on the different versions of Windows PE see this help page.


The default and most usual option is 'Reflect Installer and PE Components'. This downloads all the files to run Macrium Reflect and create your rescue media. 
The 'PE 3, PE 4, PE 5 or PE 10 Components only' options can be used to download just the PE component files. The downloaded .zip file can be supplied when building the Windows PE rescue media or copied to a different PC. 

Click 'OK' to return to main Agent Window.

Resolving Download Issues

Download Failures (Error Code: 1)

Download failures can generally be attributed to either an unstable internet connection or anti virus/malware software interfering with the download. Please try the following steps to resolve the issue

MD5 Checksum Failures (Error Code: 2)

MD5 checksum failures can generally be attributed to either an unstable internet connection or anti virus/malware software. Please try the following steps to resolve the download issue:

WinPE Download Locations

WinPE installations can be downloaded and installed manually from the following Microsoft links, negating the need to use the Macrium Reflect download manager for WinPE Components.


WARNING: These downloads from Microsoft will be very large and are generally in excess of 1GB