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v7.0.2117 includes a number of new features and enhancements. This article details the main features and explains how they are implemented in Macrium Reflect. 

Table of Contents

Automatic detection of the best Disk write method.

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Disk Write Performance dialog
Disk Write Performance dialog

Scheduled Task Conditions

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Scheduled Task Conditions
Scheduled Task Conditions

Scheduled Tasks can now be run from Windows administrator accounts as well as the SYSTEM account

The default account for scheduled tasks is SYSTEM, but this can now be changed to any user as long as they are a member of the Administrators group. as implemented in v6. If you change the Scheduled Task user in defaults, existing task will be updated to use the new user account.  

Take 'Other Tasks' > Edit Defaults' > 'Schedule' to change the account. 

Note: The scheduled tasks user account applies to all Reflect scheduled tasks.  

Changed Block Tracker driver update

An issue is resolved with Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS) hanging.   This was experienced by a few customers using previous versions of Macrium Reflect v7.