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9th August 2016 - Macrium Reflect v6.2.1495

Macrium Reflect v6.2.1495 has been released to address the Task Scheduler 1.0 API bugs found in the MS Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This release of Macrium Reflect contains major changes to process execution and the rendering of scheduled tasks in the 'Scheduled Backups' tab in Macrium Reflect. This release will enable Macrium Reflect to schedule backup tasks in exactly the same way as with previous version of Windows. It also provides a solid foundation for future updates of Macrium Reflect to improve the interaction with the Windows Tasks Scheduler and provide additional functionality. 



Please note that after updating Macrium Reflect, as with previous releases, scheduled tasks will be created with the 'Configure for' option set to 'Windows Server 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000' and the option  'Run whether user is logged on or not' set.

How to update

To update to this (or a later) release, please take the 'Other Tasks' > 'Check for updates' menu option in Macrium Reflect.

You can also download the latest full installer by following the instructions here

What to do if you have followed one of the two the temporary workarounds to run your scheduled backups

  • If you have worked around the scheduler issues by changing your scheduled tasks to 'Run only when the user is logged on'  then please change this option to 'Run whether user is logged on or not' in the Windows Tasks 10 Scheduler UI. 

  • If you have worked around the scheduler issues by changing your scheduled tasks to 'Configure for' >  'Windows 10' then, to enable your scheduled backups to interact with the Windows Desktop and be visible in the 'Scheduled Backups' tab, you will need to delete theses scheduled tasks in the Windows 10 Task Scheduler UI and recreate your backup schedules in Macrium Reflect. 
If you have not modified your scheduled tasks using the Windows 10 Task Scheduler UI then installing this release will enable your scheduled backups to run again without any further intervention. 


7th August 2016 - Windows 10 Anniversary Update Announcement 

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607) was made available to the general public on 2nd August 2016.  Unfortunately, this public release contained a number of bugs that were present in the Insider Preview builds of Windows 10 and are still to be fixed by Microsoft. 

The Macrium Reflect user interface for scheduling relies internally on the standard Windows Task Scheduler 1.0 API structures, additionally, scheduled execution of Macrium Reflect backups require Task Scheduler 1.0 process privileges to enable user interaction while a backup is running. This API has not been deprecated by Microsoft and provided reliable scheduling across all Windows Operating Systems from XP through to Windows 10.  

The two significant bugs found in the Windows 10 Anniversary update are:

  1. Scheduled Tasks created using the Task Scheduler 1.0 API do not synchronize with the '.job' files in folder 'C:\Windows\Tasks' when a task is run. This causes the scheduled tasks tab in Macrium Reflect to remain 'stale' when a scheduled task is running. The 'Next Run Time', 'Last Run Time', 'Last Result' and 'Status' fields may also be incorrect. 

    There is no immediate workaround to this problem but we have a solution in QA to be released shortly

  2. Scheduled Tasks created using the Task Scheduler 1.0 API do not run with the 'Highest Privileges' when triggered if the option 'Run whether the user is logged on or not' is set. This causes a failure when launching scheduled tasks either when triggered on schedule or when triggered manually. 

    A temporary workaround for this problem is to de-select the option  'Run whether the user is logged on or not'  in the Windows Task Scheduler UI.

    Type 'Tasks' in the Windows Search bar and select 'Task Scheduler:

    Right click on your Macrium Scheduled task(s) and select 'Properties'.

    In the dialog that opens select 'Run only when the user is logged on' and click 'OK' 

    Note: Backups will not run if you are not logged into Windows at trigger time if you use the above workaround.

    titleAdditional workaround
    Changing the 'Configure for:' option to 'Windows 10'  will allow backups to run when the user is logged on or not, however, there will be no Desktop indication when a backup is running and the scheduled task will be removed from the backup tab in Macrium Reflect.  

    If you choose this option you will have to re-create the scheduled task in Macrium Reflect when a full solution is provided for these Windows bugs.

We would like to apologize to customers affected by these problems and please be assured that we are working around the clock to provide a full solution. Providing a robust and efficient solution to the problems caused by this release of Windows has been very time consuming and complex but we hope to have a software update in the next 48 hours.