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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space KNOW and version 7

This article takes through the steps required to repair a broken Windows XP COM+ installation. This may cause problems with Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS) and cause your PC to become unresponsive during disk image creation.

Only use this fix if you are running Windows XP and you are experiencing the problem outlined below.

The problem

When creating a disk image with Windows XP, Macrium Reflect hangs (and your PC may become unresponsive) during the initial phase 'Analysing file system on volume C'.? The only way to close Macrium Reflect is to end 'reflect.exe' in Task Manager or to shut-down your PC.

The cause

The most likely cause of this problem is a corrupt COM+ database. COM+ provides a layer of interoperability between different areas of Windows. Microsoft Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS) uses COM+ and can become unstable if the COM+ database is corrupt or some of the installed COM+ files are not registered correctly.?

Note: Macrium Reflect does not install or modify the COM+ installation or database.Any problems you have with COM+ are pre-existing or have been caused by other software registering or installing COM+ components.


The solution

  1. Download 'ComFix.exe' from here:
  2. Close all open programs and run ComFix.exe

    Select 'OK'
    to reboot your PC and the COM+ repair will begin when Windows restarts.

  3. Your PC will restart, a restore point will be created and COM+ installation / repair will begin. The Microsoft VSS components will also be re-registered.

  4. After a further automatic reboot, Windows will be repaired and disk images should be able to be created without a problem.

    If you receive further VSS errors in the Windows Event Viewer or in the Reflect log Window then please see Troubleshooting Microsoft VSS errors