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This article answers questions relating to Macrium Reflects support for RAID Systems.

Table of Contents

1. What is RAID 

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks and is a mechanism for combining 2 hard drives (or more) into a configuration to support either a) faster access to files b) data redundancy by writing files and data to multiple disks. This KB article can by no means, and is not intended to, cover all the possible aspects of RAID, for a more detailed discussion please see the following Wikipedia Article.

2. Does Macrium Reflect support RAID 

The short answer is, yes, Macrium Reflect supports RAID. All flavours of RAID systems and configurations are supported by Macrium Reflect, irrespective of vendor. RAID systems are supported by all editions of Macrium Reflect.

3. Do I need to configure my RAID system in any way 

No, you should not need to configure your RAID hardware in any special way. The whole purpose of RAID is to abstract the storage mechanism away from the operating system/applications and present a storage device for files and data.

4. What about support in rescue environments 

The default WinPE rescue environment supports some (notably Intel Matrix and NVidia RAID), but not all, RAID controllers. Generally speaking, the WinPE rescue environment provided by Macrium Reflect does not support most RAID controllers as shipped. If your PC uses RAID then you may well need to add drivers to the WinPE environment by using the Create Rescue Media wizard.

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